Take back the angels share with CaskTEK – the modern filling, disgorging and data management solution.

Our modern new filling system has been developed in collaboration with Diageo, Siemens and the Advanced Forming Research Centre and fills casks more accurately, reliably and faster than ever before….


Filling System

The CaskTEK software package is owned and licenced by Kigtek, providing a number of functionalities and benefits to your operations…

The new CaskTEK filling system has been designed and proven to deliver a highly accurate and repeatable fast-fill and provides the following benefits:

Automated and Accurate Customs & Excise Reporting

  • Automates the production of customs and excise reports
  • Interfaces with third party systems (such as DRAMS and CINCOM)
  • Remove manual errors
  • Reduce management time spent creating and checking reports

Understanding of Maturation losses at Cask level

  • Compares accurate filling and disgorging volumes to determine maturation loss at cask level
  • Identification of leaking casks to reduce losses

Optimise Operational Performance

  • Set and manage site KPIs to drive increased operational efficiency
  • Know how many casks or volume filled by shift, day, week, month or year
  • Drive an increased number of casks filled
  • Plan production based on accurate metrics

Stock Inventory Management

  • Understand what stock levels are of any spirit age
  • Maintain accurate cask and spirit inventory records
  • Understand your most important asset base – wood, spirit, cask type, age, history and performance

Understand How Your Cask Is Performing

  • Understand individual levels of losses either evaporation or leakage
  • Assess colour transfer to spirit based on tint meter readings
  • Optimise cask rejuvenation frequency based on loss and tint performance

Improved Cask Filling Time

  • Modern new filling head with digital level measurement that allows a fast-fill system
  • The filling system takes only 40 seconds for an American Standard Barrel (ASB)
  • Improves filling performance and accuracy for all cask types

Accurate Fill Volumes

  • Modern new filling head incorporating digital level measurement
  • Innovative lance design allows cask bottom filling for fast and accurate level measurement

Optimise Use of your Cask Inventory

  • Current ullage levels of 5% mean that for every 20 casks filled the equivalent of one is full of air…
  • Our modern filling head design allows for highly accurate cask filling
  • Cask ullage can be pre-programmed by customers to any level to optimise cask chemistry
  • By reducing ullage from current levels of 5% to less than 1% you can make the most use of your cask stock

Consistent Filling Performance

  • With our integrated real time digital level measurement any cask type can be fast-filled to its maximum capacity
  • Our cutting edge lance design allows for cask bottom filling which brings a very accurate, stable and repeatable filling cycle
  • This avoids traditional challenges from splash filling or fouling

Long-term Cost Benefits

  • Fast return on investment
  • Less product wasted
  • Less casks required
  • Less warehouse space required
  • Improved labour efficiency
  • Use of articulated arm replacing traditional braided hoses which need annual inspections and costly replacement

CaskTEK Software Features:

MODULAR – CaskTEK is a modular software package that enables distilleries to plan, monitor and manage the filling and disgorging of casks.

MODERN USER INTERFACE – CaskTEK is built on robust, modern software packages allowing swift deployment and replacement of obsolete legacy systems.

FLEXIBLE – CaskTEK has the ability to manage filling and disgorging of either single or palletised casks. Additionally, site administrators can configure default values and modify system parameters to their specifications.

EASY INTEGRATION – CaskTEK can be integrated into existing process control systems or can operate as a standalone system.

WEB BASED – The modules can be accessed and managed remotely via PCs, tablets and smartphones as the system is a web-based platform.

REPORTING  CaskTEK can provide cask performance and reporting information including HMRC records. CaskTEK also features an easy to follow audit trail of all user actions

ADAPTABLE INSTALLATION – Kigtek will work with you to deliver a CaskTEK solution that fits your site’s needs.

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