Providing control solutions for the top Spirits Manufacturers, helping to produce over 500 million litres every year of the world’s top Whisky, Gin and other spirit brands.

Kigtek’s team of highly skilled process control engineers have extensive experience within the Distilled Spirits Industry.

We have worked in all process areas including:

Dry Goods:

  • Malt Intake
  • Milling
  • Mashing-In

Mash House

  • Mash Tun Control
  • Worts Pumping
  • Washback Control
  • Wash Collection

Still House

  • Wash & Spirit Still Charging
  • Still Control
  • Spirit Collection
  • Heat Recovery

Effluent Control

Cooling Towers

Boiler House Controls

CIP Controls

Projects have been completed for major production sites:

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