Pressure gauge using measure the pressure in production process. Worker or Operator monitoring oil and gas process by the gauge for routine record and analysis oil and gas production process.


What instruments require calibration?

  • Flow meters
  • Storage tanks or Vats
  • Pressure, temperature and level sensors and transmitters
  • IN-SITU flow, pressure, level and temperature calibrations
  • Flow meters
  • Sensors & transmitters
  • Tanks and vats
  • 0.5″ to 3″ line sizes
  • Overall rig uncertainty of 0.5″

Why do I need to calibrate?

  • To maximise process efficiency and financial return
  • For traceability purposes
  • Instruments drift over time
  • To ensure accurate readings for HMRC purpose
  • Ensure process measurement accuracy

Onsite Calibration

  • Portable and accurate calibration rig
  • Allows calibration at process conditions
  • Reduces downtime and loss of revenue
  • Saves on shipping costs

Rig Capabilities

Reference Meter – Siemens FC430 lab calibrated reference meter
Line Sizes 0.5” – 3” (4” dependent on flow rates)
Pump Capacity
0 – 5.75 litres per sec / 345 litres per min
Reference Meter
Reference Meter
Reference Flow Meter Capacity
0 – 19.5 litres per second
Primary Calibration Fluid
Overall Rig Uncertainty

Typical Calibration Stages

  • Assemble and connect Kigtek’s portable calibration rig
  • Install unit to be calibrated and establish communications
  • Analyse current configurations
  • Zero all meters
  • Complete 6-test point calibration at 3 flow rates
  • Adjust instruments as required to bring into specification

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