What instruments requires calibration?

  • Flow meters
  • Storage tanks or Vats
  • Pressure, temperature and level sensors and transmitters

Why do I need to calibrate?

  • Maximise process efficiency & financial return
  • Regulations & Standards
  • New or moved equipment
  • Ensure process measurement accuracy
  • Equipment readings can drift for a variety of reasons and need regular calibration
  • Minimise risks
  • Accurate HMRC recordings

In-situ calibrations

  • Team of 29 engineers with certified calibration engineers
  • High accuracy, laboratory calibrated Coriolis reference meter
  • Allows calibration at process conditions
  • Reduces downtime compared to traditional laboratory testing

Operating Conditions

Line Sizes 0.5” – 3” (4” dependent on flow rates)
Pump Capacity 0 – 5.75 litres per sec / 345 litres per min
Reference Meter 2” Siemens FC430 Coriolis
Reference Flow Meter Capacity 0 – 19.5 litres per second
Primary Calibration Fluid Water
Overall Rig Uncertainty 0.5%

You are in safe hands

We take safety very seriously, whether that be site personnel or your information security.

What’s Next

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